fullsizerenderI was a journalist at The Farmville Herald in Prince Edward County, Virginia for 36 years, and the newspaper’s editor for my last quarter century there. I’m putting the finishing touches on a book about that community’s journey of racial healing and reconciliation. A huge blessing and opportunity came my way when Forward Day By Day, with more than half a million readers in 50 countries, asked me to write the daily spiritual meditations for January 2018. I’ve also got a half a dozen children’s stories written, so if you know any publishers…. When not doing everything my pug dog, Pugsley, asks of me, I enjoy reading and listening to music played loud enough to feel its sound waves. You’ll find me wandering through fields and forests, inevitably finding something else that astonishes me with the way God reaches out to us through the smallest details. I am a licensed lay preacher in the Episcopal Church and I like three consecutive notes played slowly on an electric guitar that say more then 50 notes played really fast. Mostly because I play really slowly. How my wife puts up with me, I do not know. I’m simply grateful.