A First Step In The Light Direction

No. Not that way. That way lies darkness.

Come this way. Over here. Let’s take these first steps together toward the fields of light. We’ll stumble, for sure. Trip and fall. But we’ll always get back up. You take my hand. I’ll welcome yours. Together, we’ll make it. Together we’ll share the light.

In the days ahead, we’ll catch up. It’s been a long time. Much has happened. But not today. Today we begin this journey together and that is more important. Thank you so much for being here.

Oh, sure. I hear them, too. The fields of darkness are always calling, leaving voice mails, tweeting this and tweeting that. “Tweetle-Dee” and “Tweetle-Dum.” Offering us the world. Two worlds for the price of one. Buy one world and get one free.

Yes, the same old song: “You can have anything your heart desires. Just give me what I want and nobody gets hurt.”

Yeah, right. But the fine print never changes: an eye for an eye for an eye for an eye forever and ever and no amens, if you please.

Light, on the other hand, turns the other cheek. Light doesn’t betray with a kiss, it loves. Darkness wants to rule the world. Darkness wants every vote. Light doesn’t need a nomination. Doesn’t need to be elected. Doesn’t need to be sworn in. Light just is. Light always has been. Light always will be. It’s just that sometimes darkness convinces us to close our eyes and then swears that’s all we really need to see.

A few more steps. No, there is no security perimeter. No border check around the fields of light. Your credit balance doesn’t matter. Your creed, your color, party affiliation or the sound of your music will not be used against you in the fields of light.

Now, yes, just through those slogans and soundbites and be careful of the marionette’s strings, the pomp and circumstance of puppetry. Yes, the fields of light await. No, we aren’t the first to find them. And thank God for that. Countless millions have come before us. Even more will come after we’ve gone.

The wondrous thing about this light is that there is enough for everyone. Love and grace, too, it’s all a part of the light. We’ll glean what we need and leave the rest behind for those still on their way. Just as others have done for us. We won’t stash the light away in off-shore securities. True light, happily, cannot be hoarded or stuck in a vault. Light is its own dividend.

Oh, and yes, a word of advice: don’t worry if you experience light that lasts longer than four hours. Leave your doctor to care for someone with the flu. Just enjoy the ride. It’s the journey of a lifetime.

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