Any Travel Ban Should Include Me, Too

If the Trump administration really seeks to protect this nation from terrorists, the executive order should include me, too.

I am not proud to admit it but these are just a few of the countless things I have done to terrorize millions:

I burned people at the stake.

I devised and used instruments of torture.

I engaged in the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans.

I bought and sold human beings into slavery—sold husbands into slavery away from their wives, wives into slavery away from their husbands and children into slavery away from their parents.

I persecuted the Jews for centuries and then carried out the Holocaust.

I dropped the Atomic Bomb and annihilated two cities filled with innocent men, women and children. Yes, it was war but….

I lynched African Americans and bombed their churches. I closed their schools rather than let my children go to class with them.

The electoral system that made Mr. Trump president—despite his 2.5-million-plus loss in the popular vote—continues to be based on a formula that declares African Americans to be three-fifths of a person.

So, I lied when I signed on to the words “all men are created equal.” I don’t believe that at all.

I persistently refuse to support equal rights, justice and the pursuit of happiness for anyone who doesn’t look, believe, speak, worship, and make love the same way I do.

I call myself “pro-life” but once a child is born I banish their needs—and that of their parents—from my mind. Entirely. I am, in reality, pro-birth; after the first breath, I don’t care whether they keep breathing or not.

And I call myself a Christian.

Clearly, no Muslim nation would want me within a thousand miles of its borders. I don’t blame them (and I haven’t even mentioned the Crusades).

No, I have never personally done any of those things—I abhor them all—but the crucifix around my neck condemns me because….

….Every Christian is a terrorist.


2 thoughts on “Any Travel Ban Should Include Me, Too

  1. And still we are forgiven and loved. Amazing! May that love change our hearts and, ultimately, our behavior. Thanks for the eloquent reminder that we Christians have no right to throw stones.


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