What The Voice Of The World Won’t Say

“Nathaniel said to him, ‘Can anything good come out of Nazareth?’”

—The Gospel of John

The young boy heard The Voice Of The World shouting, “Can anything good come out of this child?”
The Voice was talking about him and its tone seemed to answer the question.
No, The Voice Of The World quite clearly felt, nothing good could ever come out of that child. And The Voice Of The World made certain that the child heard the answer.
But the child wasn’t the only one listening.
Jesus heard, too.
And Jesus wept.
Tears flowed for this child and for all of the children of God—no matter how old they were—who’d heard The Voice Of The World so often question, challenge and demean their child of God selves.
Challenge them with war.
Demean them with abuse.
Question them with callous indifference.
Swallow them with disease.
And enslave them with poverty.
Before abolishing their very existence with death.
The Voice Of The World shouted so loud that even the waves in the sea seemed to retreat, leaving the beach where children once played behind, turning it into a desert.
But the tears of Jesus were like rain.
And Jesus lifted the child.
Jesus lifted the child and told him something else.
Raised the child up.
Jesus gave him another word that The Voice Of The World had tried so hard to erase.
Resurrected the child with four simple letters that Jesus carefully arranged:
Love? the child wondered.
Really?” the child asked.
Me?” the child pleaded.
“Come and see,” Jesus answered.
And so the child, carried in the loving heart of Christ, followed.
Followed despite all of the odds that the world said were stacked against every child of God.
Followed despite all of the statistics of probability the world declared would defeat all children of God.
Because Jesus carried him.
Because Jesus carries you.
Because Jesus carries all of the children of God to the truth of God’s love for them all.

And we are all children of God.

No matter what the World says with its hammers and nails.
No matter what the World tries so desperately to make the children of God believe.
A child risen.
The child in us all.
The child that God wants us all to be and believe to be our truest self.
Just who we are and just as we are.
And nothing but loved.
“Come and see,” Jesus told Nathaniel that day so long ago in Galilee.
“Just come,” Jesus tells us every day, “and see.”

8 thoughts on “What The Voice Of The World Won’t Say

  1. You have such an incredible talent. I relish reading your meditations in Forward Day by Day. Your words inspire me and bring me hope and joy.


    1. Your own words of deep generosity inspire me, Cathy, and enable me to feel a warmer wind at my back, filling my spiritual sails, as we journey through the cold darkness together, toward an eternal spring for all people.


  2. Can any good come out of Haiti, or Somalia, or Syria? I was introduced to your writing in Day by Day. Thank you for that blessing. I know your writings and thoughts are timeless, but I went to them this morning for hope in this dark time. The attitude and words of our President, and the support he receives from so many citizens, simply breaks my heart. As Jesus weeps, so do I. May the power of love envelope us and lift all of our hearts to compassion for all who suffer, who are reviled by the powerful, who are marginalized for the color of their skin or the place of their birth. Lord, have mercy.


    1. My heart is broken with yours, Robert, but broken hearts are often the hearts open most wide to the love of God for all people of every color and nation. Hearts unable to break are too often closed to any heartbeat but their own. As we can readily see.


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