Sometimes, I Wonder

“Suddenly when they looked around, they saw no one with them anymore, but only Jesus.”

—The Gospel of Mark



when the moon seems skillfully slung

to skip across the rushing clouds,

I wonder whose wrist and fingers

give the crescent of light its motion

and if the heart behind the hand knows I’m watching,

wading toward the deep end of the sky,

up to my neck now

and wanting to swim

in communion

with the reflection of the sun

along the surface of the lunar song

being sung across the skin of heaven.


the light splashes

and I feel its current all around,

lifting me for a moment so brief

that it seems unreal,

as if it were only a fantasy of my own desperate yearning.

Sometimes, I feel the heart behind the hand

send me skipping, too, across the clouds

in the wake of the singing moon.

And then my wondering turns to wonder.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Wonder

  1. Thank you especially as the gospel today had to do with Christ writing in the ground while the accusers of the woman taken in adultery stood mute. The majestic hand that writes in the sky and writes our lives is the same.


  2. I am always struck by those simple moments when I look at the sky, or at the fields, and some small thing whispers, and in my head I hear the words, “the still, small voice of God.” That’s what you have described for me today. Thank you.


    1. I so agree, Karen. I walk five miles a day through fields and woods here, no matter the weather, and it is always on these daily journeys that I feel so close to the Holy Spirit of God and feel the gentle nudge of our Shepherd. Thank you for sharing,


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