By Ken Woodley
I feel so totally, completely, eternally, irrevocably, money-back-guaranteed, fail-safe, locked-in, buzzer-beating-swish plugged into the warm light of God’s love for all time, for ever and ever amen.
Until life seems to pull me out of the wall.
And I go all dark.
And everything goes all dark around me.
And cold, oh, so cold.
The freezing chill decants me as if I don’t matter and never did matter, and I feel like I suddenly am zero minus infinity to the infinity power.
Until there is nothing left, it seems, but to surrender, surrender so much that I even surrender my surrender flag because there is nothing more to live for.
Nothing more to die for.
And I feel already dead.
And already buried.
And already gone.
…. You are there, Jesus.
The power cord in your hand.
The outlet in your eyes.
The transmission lines in your heart and in your soul that touched me with the warm light of God’s love that you gave me by the Sea of Galilee.
Gave me forever and ever.
Until not even death do us part.
Not even then.
Because in your rising…
In your resurrection…
I am risen.
I am resurrected.
I am plugged in.
Eternally electric.
Firmament exploding the darkness in an aurora borealis of the soul
that cascades me,
and everyone,
into the rainbow effervescence of your love
after the storming flood of never-lasting darkness.
You plugged us into God and shone the light that grows up from our winters into the spring that is planted so deep inside us that the darkest, coldest day on Earth can never really find it.
The darkness only wants us to believe that we have been unplugged.
But this is the truth: Your love knows no outage.

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