The Fool Calls Jesus A ‘Pathetic Patsy’

By Ken Woodley

Just when I thought—for the 500th time—that The Fool couldn’t sink any lower, I learn that he called Jesus a “pathetic patsy” because our Good Shepherd was captured and then died on the cross for us.
How did this guy ever get such a large audience?
There he goes, wheeling through Galilee on a chariot he calls “Fool Force One” and bragging about how his wisdom exceeds that of Solomon, Socrates and Plato.
I weep for our people and this land we love.
One day I heard Jesus talking by the sea. He was teaching about love and light. Blessed are the poor in spirit, he told us, and those who mourn, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart and the peacemakers.
Everything that Jesus was.
Everything The Fool is not.
Yet, The Fool called Jesus a “pathetic patsy.”
A big chariot, your Foolishness, does not equal greatness.
Jesus exemplified greatness every day of his life because every day he gave his life to us and for us. Jesus could have been anything he wanted to be. Many people wanted him to be king, in fact. But Jesus wanted only to be our Good Shepherd, to give his life to protect us, his sheep.
Greater love has no person than this, that they lay down their life for their friends.
That’s what Jesus said.
That’s what Jesus did.
He sacrificed himself for us.
The Fool never would.
Jesus was a soldier in a war of love against hate.
He gave his life so that love would prevail.
I am certain that love shall one day do so.
And I pray every day that there is never another Fool ever again anywhere in this world with such an audience and power.
Oh—and by now I shouldn’t be surprised—there is one last thing:
The Fool has been calling the gospel truth of the resurrection “phony good news.”
Don’t believe him.
I saw Jesus on the road to Emmaus.
He touched my soul.
The Fool never could.

4 thoughts on “The Fool Calls Jesus A ‘Pathetic Patsy’

  1. Thank you. I needed that. If enough people who have a public audience speak out as you’ve done, perhaps we will no longer be the laughing stock of the world by the end of November. Love never fails.


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