Finding My Better Angel

By Ken Woodley

Unburdened of my solitary reflection

at last,

I discover your orbit around me

and find my true self in your intimate proximity,

feeling the happy warmth of this risen skin

between us,

closer and closer until we touch

undiscovered days and hold them,

rising and setting,

un-calendared between heaven and earth—

certain of both,

afraid of neither—

love freeing us from all gravity

as we swallow the Milky Way together

and wonder how far the speed of our new communion of light

will take this finally-answered prayer,

determined to find the flickers of those

surrounded by something darker than pitch,

illuminating their own way forward,

you and I running the same relay of light

that found my own smoldering wick

of hope, faith and purpose

after the nails tried desperately

to hammer them into obsidian oblivion.

Now, with you, I feel my own

life’s resurrection,


and together

we shine

with the better angels

gathering all around us

on this Emmaus Road

to become a better day.

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